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We love new things, things that never seen, interesting things, and fun things.

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We don’t compromise. We will do our best to get the best results.

We're Genius

We are always on lookout for latest technology, work hard and study hard.

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Mobile Apps

Since iPhone 3G in summer of 2008, we have been making smartphone apps. We are developing apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, all kinds of smartphones and tablets.

Desktop Apps

We are developing apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, any OSs, C#, C/C ++, Java, VB, any languages, and MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, any databases.

Web Apps

We are building any site from simple sites created with static site generators such as Hugo, to full-scale web apps developed with Java, PHP, etc.

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Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off with a simple operation.

Magica Works Web Site

Magica Works Web Site

Here. Created with Hugo and meghna-hugo.

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About this blog

In this blog, we will post articles about apps developed and/or sold by Magica Works, future development plans, topics on new technologies related to smartphones, PCs, the Internet, and other topics of interest.

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